The Ostheimer Toy Philosophy

Typical for that educational wooden toy, each figure is designed to capture the typical form and movement of the created animal, person or object.  Their form and colour are purposely kept to a minimum so that your child’s fantasy world is preserved and so that their own creative imagination inspires their play. When children have toys modeled after a television or movie character, their play is imitative, not imaginative. In their interaction with the condensed forms and soft colours of the Ostheimer figures, children learn to enliven them with their own imaginative abilities and to provide them with everything they need for the game in question. Children at play decide whether a horse is a wild stallion galloping across the prairie or an old nag tiredly trotting along the road. Children participate in the creation of their own toys. That is to say, they are allowed to be themselves.
There is no "right" or "wrong" way to play with Ostheimer Castles or animals and therein lies the beauty of these wonderful wooden toys.
"Play is at the very core of a child's life. It is the way children learn about the environment, the people in their lives, and most of all about themselves. Toys are the tools of creative play and with the right toys, a child can have not only an entertaining, but an enriching experience." - Margarate Ostheimer
In a visionary way and based on her studies of Waldorf pedagogy and anthroposophic ideas, Margarete Ostheimer began a collection of toys which today more than ever is justified and necessary. The collection was established fifty years ago as an alternative to a "plastic world" and is today a necessary counterweight to the "high tech world" of the playroom.
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